About Us

Our philosophy is to create natural and organic skincare products created with body, spirit and earth in mind. London-based, we spent over three years creating an original 26 bioactive botanicals formula, derived exclusively from plant, flower and oil extracts.


Find out more about our two core pillars below.

1// Multipurpose beauty

In an evermore rushed and fast-moving world, the biggest scarcity we have is time. Our mission is to give you that time back. To make taking care of yourself easy and convenient.

Everyday we’re bombarded by choices, products and solutions. Inspired by the need to need to make our own lives easier, we have created formulas that aim to replace the benefits of multiple products, in one.

2// Being at one with nature

Forests give us oxygen and life. Hive denotes collective and community. Our commitment to nature means we only use products that are 100% natural, cruelty free, sustainably sourced and suitable for vegans.

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